Different Business Locations You Can Pitch To As A Sound Engineer

The world of music is all around us.  For those that want to make music a business or even take it to the next level finding locations to work can be a challenge.  For a sound engineer nashville, here are some of the top locations that you will want to consider.

Private parties

Private parties are possibly some of the most fun jobs you can find as a sound engineer.  With a private party there aren’t really a lot of limitations that you will have imposed on you.  With a private party you will need to cater to the likes of your host, however, you can really use your magic and energy to really kick up that party to a whole new level.


When it comes to sound a wedding needs to be perfect.  One of the worst things that could happen is have bad audio when giving a speech or even reciting the vows.  Another area that you will want to ensure that your talents are focused on is the sound levels when you play the music.  At a wedding you want to have the music loud enough for people can dance to but not so loud that it is overpower for conversations.


There is nothing more annoying than going out to a bar or restaurant and having a bad sound system.  When people go out to a bar they go to drink and socialize.  However, if the sound from the music is bad people will rather just go outside where they can talk or leave and go to another bar.

Outside events

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Events outside can be a real challenge.  You have the distance to deal with, a specific area where you can setup your equipment and so much more.  When focusing on outside events you really want to be on top of your game and adjust as the day progresses.